CNC Drawing Software
Why to choose PRO CNC Draw
Because this is very simple and useful software. You can sit and start to work without any deep technical knowledge. You draw like you do it in Paint but the software produce code for driving maschine. So you can get real object not only to draw.

What can I draw with PRO CNC Draw
You can draw and after that cut or engrave any figure you can draw with a pen on a paper.

What is the accuracy of PRO CNC Draw
You can set position and dimension of every object with accuracy 0,001mm.

How to engrave horse
You need picture (jpg, bmp, etc) of the object you want to engrave. Then load this picture as background image. After that you can replay the object with freehand tool. It is very simple, easy and fast.

How to engrave letters
We have 154 position font table. You must create pcd file (this file is the output file of PRO CNC Draw) which consist of 154 objects. Each object corresponds to number from the table. You may create how many fonts you want as doing it like it is explained in "How to engrave horse".
Our letters are thin type. This means that milling tool engrave them as center line and this is done very fast.

How to cut spur gears
There is menu for doing this. Here you simply set gear parameters.
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