We produce everythig necessary for CNC engravers. This is mechanical parts, electronics and PC software.
Our engravers are made from aluminium alloy. It is thick 20mm. There are used high precision ball screws.

Electronics - CNC motion controller. This is link between PC and steppers motor drivers.
Our controller uses USB port which is available on all computers.
The controller does not require any additional software (Mach3 and etc.).

Here you can buy finished and ready to use controllers.
They are suitable for hobbyists and professionals.

We offer and software. There are three software packages:
1. PRO CNC Draw - This is CAD / CAM software. You can very easy draw, doing this like in Paint. The software produces G-code which is compatible to any drive controller.

2. GtoMove - This software is used to visualize G-code, simulate toolpath or write G-code. It can export special file for our USB CNC Controller.

3.PRO CNC Drive - This is drive program for our USB CNC Controller.

You can contact us on e-mail: info@ekits.eu
If you have any questions or need of assistance do not hesitate to contact us.

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