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PROCNCDraw is an application that creates CAM files (gcode) from CAD files (DXF, gerber, drill etc.).

All CNC (Computerised Numerical Control) machines work with G code. This is simple text code. From idea to object, processing chain usually follows three steps : design using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, this is the step where you draw the object. Second step is generation of G code which is done by CAM software (Computer Aided Manufacturing). And at last a CNC driver (Computerised Numerical Control) to drive the machine (mill or lathe) that will produce the final shape.

cad cam

PRO CNC Draw combine CAD and CAM steps. It is very simple and good software to draw and generate G code for 2,5D objects. This is the most common task to any mill machine. It is so easy to work with the intuitive software so any beginner can work with it. There is no need of any deep mechanical knowledge.


PROCNCDraw is an application that creates CAM files (gcode) from CAD files (DXF, gerber, drill etc.).
Or PROCNCDraw can generate gcode from its own internal editor.
You can draw directly in PROCNCdraw - lines, circles etc.

What can do PRO CNC DRAW:

- Draw text, lines, circles;
- Import dxf files (ASCII format AutoCAD R9);
- Export dxf files (ASCII format AutoCAD R9) (so you can load and edit dxf and export dxf);
- Import gerber files (for milling PCBs);
- Set tool diameter, depth and passes to reach depth;
- Import DRILL (text) file for drilling PCBs;
- Import text G code file; - Export text G code file; - Set toolpath (tool compensation)- center line, outside or inside --> tool diameter correction;
- 2.5D pocketing operations with auto island detection;

Example of gerber import


Drills can be just holes. Or all drills can be milled with a tool with set diameter. On picture 2 gray line is toolpath outside contur. On picture 3 gray line is toolpath inside contur.

Example DXF file import


Generated G code is compatible with any controller. It looks like this:

(Object 0 )
G00 Z1 F15
G00 X68 Y49
G00 F0
G00 Z1
G01 Z-0
G01 X68 Y49
(Object 1 )
G00 Z1 F15
G00 X69.46161 Y45.18029
G00 F0
G00 Z1
G01 Z-0
G01 X69.46161 Y44.37194
G01 X69.43732 Y43.68229
G01 X69.43121 Y43.60853
G01 X69.38568 Y43.35192
G01 X69.33104 Y43.09529
G01 X69.24899 Y42.78416
G01 X69.1275 Y42.37356

System Requirements:

ProCNCDraw requires a Windows PC running the Microsoft .NET framework version 3.5. ProCNCDraw has been tested on Windows XP and Windows 7/8/10.

Download PROCNCDraw (demo version) for FREE







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