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 BeagleBone PIC4BBB cape


This cape suggests full automatic reprogramming of the embedded dsPIC via the BBB, interactively, on-fly via Internet or any other communication channel. After that the BBB can communicate and control the fully autonomous dsPIC cape PIC4BBB.

This is free software for embedding of Microchip dsPIC33EP / PIC24EP in BeagleBone Black.

Some advanced features of the real time unit in the suggested PIC4BBB cape are:
- As you see on the circuit of the cape – dsPIC33EP64MC504 is used.
- fast 16 bit core at frequency up to 70MHz with advanced DSP functions and very low power consumption
- complex up to 6 channel PWM with resolution of about 7ns, proper for advances motor control and power inverters
- fast (above 1Msps) ADC, 10bit or 12bit, with special control, synchronized with advanced PWM or other peripheral
- timers, comparators
- additional UARTs, SPI, I2C, ECAN and others.
For Linux
For Windows

Цена: 60 лв.
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